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"The world calls those mad who do not take part in the common madness"

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ISBN: 1442146052   EAN-13: 9781442146051
360 Pages


What the publisher is saying about
"Islands of Instability"

three dot weapon
It's a thriller, a romance, a searing socio-political commentary ripped from today's headlines — "Islands of Instability" is a heart-pounding,
layered tale that begs to be read in a single sitting.

Nonstop explosive action tests the limits of human passion to love or destroy. Mitchell Reid and Cole Taylor are the kind of classic heroes we hope to see in action again. Kaili Cai and his denizens of Kuan-Ti are the embodiment of a modern zealotry that sees unbridled destruction as the most expedient and effective tool of change.

The scope of the covert operation rushed into place by the Pinpoint Task Force may be global, but the ultimate decisive action is still personal.

three dot weapon
WHAT-IF TECHNOLOGY — Nuclear chemists have long predicted
that the periodic table of elements might be extended in previously uninmaginable ways. They forecast that a future table will include an 'island of stability' far beyond known elements. New types of matter never seen before might be created in this projected stable region. Stable isotopes of the heavy new elements will exhibit incredible characteristics. Military applications are sure to be exploited.
Beyond warfare, the effects on society could be just as significant.

MDOT-E is the game-changer everyone fears —
a stable 500lb. explosive that's the size of a dot.
A dot no bigger than the period on the next line
A dot that can be remotely detonated.

three dot weapon
PEOPLE — If asked how history is written, we might answer —
by the cycles of human nature and the tidal forces of change
brought on by technological advancement and an ever-evolving
social order. But a closer study of history reveals that pivotal events are driven by the personal stories of invidivual men and women. These are the true driving forces of history. The actions of individual people, fiercely tested under incredible circumstances, have repeatedly redirected human history for good and bad. If anyone else had been in those key places, at those exact moments, making other decisions, history would have followed a different path. Individual character,
passion, and valor time and time again made all the difference.

In "Islands of Instability", DIA Project Leader Patrick Cordes knows the difference the right individuals can make when driving towards success. He knows that skill, sacrifice, and passion are not only personal attributes, they are the most powerful tools on earth. No matter how impersonal the world may seem, only personal committment achieves the desired results. But good people are more than tools. They have lives and dreams and loves. A project leader who fails to factor in these added dimensions risks losing sight of the whole picture
and jeapordizing the mission.

three dot weapon
GLOBAL POLITICS AND SOCIAL CHANGE — In many ways, the stratetic standoff called Mutual Assured Destruction defined the global political climate in the second half of the 20th century. In large part, the tentative peace achieved by the concept of MAD worked because its alternative was simply so unthinkable. Atomic weapons conjured up visions of mushroom clouds, global death by nuclear winter, and the oft-displayed images of test buildings in the Nevada desert being blown away by horrific shockwaves. At times of crisis, when global leaders were tempted to pull the trigger or push the button, MAD forced them to pause and consider the consequences.

But what if the innovations of atomic science were not limited to multi-megaton fission and fusion bombs. What if, while trying to make bombs bigger, scientists accidentally discovered they could make them smaller?
How would the strategic leaders of global politics react? Would using the new technology be unthinkable in a way to guarantee Mutually Assured Destruction once again? Would any of them be tempted to use the new technology in a clandestine way to affect an advantage? No doubt they would hope the technology would remain their secret.
No doubt it wouldn't.

Mix a terrible new weapon with the economic instabilities
of the current global marketplace and radical terrorism
and the stage is set for neo-revolutionaries to seize the day.
The new weapon makes the old concept of MAD unstable.
The old concept of MAD may now be obsolete.
Is a new kind of MAD even possible?
Would we be crazy to try?
In many ways, the smallest of bombs becomes more frightening
than all the big bombs put together.

M.C. Miller has written a terrific thriller.
It pumps adrenaline while engaging your head and heart.
It makes you think about what's possible and,
most terrifyingly, what's not.

three dot weapon

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