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"The world calls those mad who do not take part in the common madness"

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ISBN: 1442146052   EAN-13: 9781442146051
360 Pages





A new explosive
packs the punch of a 500lb. bomb at microdot size.
Who has the dots and where are they going to use them?
Problem is — they could be anywhere.

three dot weapon
The U.S. and China secretly compete to stabilize a new microdot weapon technology. Whoever achieves stability first will have the upper hand. World stability hinges on keeping their secret club exclusive but it may be too late. A new player joins the game. Not everyone in China favors their new capitalism. Neo-revolutionaries aim at the core of China's consumption culture. They scheme to export the new MDOT-E in commercial goods. The resulting chaos and panic will be the flashpoint for their revolution.
three dot weapon
The Defense Intelligence Agency must put the pieces together. Their plan tricks former lovers and ex-DIA agents Mitchell Reid and Cole Taylor into working together again. They are a volatile pair, a gutsy choice for a covert mission rushing from the Macau Grand Prix to Tokyo to Shanghai. Even a successful operation might not prevent a world of hurt. Only Reid and Cole stand in the way of sinister forces. Their love rekindles just as the odds turn against them.
three dot weapon
"Seek knowledge even as far as China."
— Saying of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

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