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Somewhere...only NFAR away, is the rest and best of the me I wish to be.

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Blakely Murso has dreamed of doing so much.
She loves to imagine herself as someone else,
doing all the fun things she never tries.

When her family moves to Cool, California,
Blakely hopes to fit in. But she doesn't.
Emma Parsons becomes her new best friend.
Ethan Reins shows her all about Star Parties.
Then Zoey Appledoke and Aaron Wyatt show up.
Their energy and enthusiasm are infectious.

Blakely finds herself changing
as her life takes a fateful spin down an alternate path.
Growing up and being true to one's self
can be difficult and confusing.
Finding yourself can be the hardest part.
Meanwhile, the whole universe is trying to show you how.

For Blakely Murso,
finding her real self, surprisingly,
is only NFAR away.

The Girl From An Alternate NFAR Universe
is about the fun, the mystery, the wild and wacky,
cosmic ways of becoming truly yourself.

Whether you live in Cool, California,
Main Street Anywhere, or the suburbs of Shangri-la,
the journey of Blakely Murso
through alternate space and time
proves just how close we all are
to all the marvelous NFAR parts of ourselves.


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