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Friday December 1st.
At 1pm, Wall Street traders see their screens scramble
into uselessness for 1 minute. Shaken but still hungry,
they resume trading. At 2pm, financial data feeds jumble again,
this time for 2 minutes. Computer screens reset but now
the financial world is on the verge of panic. At 3pm,
the glitch occurs once more; this time it lasts 3 chaotic minutes.
Frightened investors expect the worst at 4pm when the Market closes.

An uneasy state of dread ripples through the business world.
Is it a protest prank, a terrorist attack, or a system fault?
Hardly anyone considers it's a sophisticated test with a covert agenda.
Very few suspect how insider power will dominate unless it's stopped.

Adam Perez is a young Wall Street financial technologist with a future.
Nelson Geiss is a semi-retired private intelligence contractor with a past.
They have little in common and no reason to trust each other
but the gathering crisis forces them to work together.
Time is running out to get the facts and stay alive.
Going deeper, a common cause unites them.

One thing must be gotten right.
They have until New Year's Eve to avert a global transformation
that only conspiracy theorists would believe is possible.
If they fail, the world might never know how much it has changed.




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