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What the publisher is saying about PW2 2012

"PW2 2012: The End of the Beginning" is a wild romp through 2012 mania that's sure to be debated by both believers and non-believers of
12-21-2012 prophecy. Come prepared for a cosmic alignment of your funny bone with a profound sense of wonder.

Something extraordinary is happening
and neither time nor space can contain it.

Loaded with enough special effects to provide calamity galore,
"PW2 2012" ironically pairs the fear of a possible coming catastrophe with newfound inspiration for what it means to be human.
The End of Days has never been so entertaining.


Readers who already believe something tremendous or horrendous is about to happen in 2012 will find new revelations and be teased with tantalizing what-ifs. Those who don't believe will be entertained by a character-driven zigzag through a bizarre landscape. Flinging its subject matter in a whole new direction, PW2 will leave both believers and
non-believers amused and mystified at their own cherished illusions.

Following his first two novels, the techno-thriller "Islands of Instability" and the quirky black comedy "Uberwoot!", M.C. Miller redirects his sardonic and insightful eye on what the apocalyptic possibilities of 2012 say about all of us. This time he channels his clown philosopher and shaman scientist to stir up a voodoo stew to fill head and heart.

Trained as a filmmaker and master of the written word, he zooms in on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as they ride saddlesore on a merry-go-round of strange days with a dazed and confused humanity. Will we hold on for dear life or cartwheel in a slow motion spinoff into every possible direction? As Hamilton Ray, the book's reluctant hero would say, "What's the probability?"

Something extraordinary begins.
The end of the beginning.


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