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A whole universe of promise — but nowhere to hide from ourselves.

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ISBN: 1448644275   EAN-13:
646 Pages





December 21, 2012 11:11 UTC
The Mayan Calendar ends.

Increasing synchronicities, the unlikely, the bizarre.
Something extraordinary is happening yet everything looks the same.
On April 1st 2011, the world notices. That doesn't mean it understands.
Something fundamental is changing with the universe.
Incredibly, something is different about probability.

Something extraordinary is happening
and yet everything looks the same.

Ex-professor Hamilton Ray is at the mercy of inexplicable events.
Backed into the spotlight with an unlikely theory, Hamilton is driven
by a 13.7 billion year countdown - that's about to end. A Big Bang probability wave, generated at the primal moment of cosmic inflation, pulses towards an unbelieving humanity from folded dimensions.

It's been coming at us for 13.7 billion years.
In the beginning, it made everything possible.
In the end — it promises to do the same.

Hamilton discovers a wild theory about a cosmic Probability Wave in lost notebooks but abandons his research. When the theory mysteriously resurfaces twenty years later, Hamilton finds himself under federal house arrest at Caltech desperately trying to complete the theory and solve the mystery. What it means for human destiny is anyone's guess. People rush in comedic and tragic fits to every other possible explanation for the periodic strange days impacting Earth. Left in the balance is either a horrific circus of errors or an historic fulfillment of unimagined potential.

Experts universally ridicule the theory, but Hamilton is driven to finish it. The implications, if true, are astounding. The peculiar PW2 theory might prove that consciousness is paired with probability the same way matter is with energy, and space with time. If he is able to predict the periodic strange days, he will be besieged with overriding questions. Is control even possible? Can it be stopped? The world "P-Pivots" towards a resolution of unimagined potential.

Are we fated to a self-fulfilling prophecy
or self-graced with a uniquely fundamental evolution?
Our very humanity is the experiment in this tongue-in-cheek allegory that wraps its sophistry in satirical drama,
its philosophy in deadly serious farce,
and its apocalyptic spectacle in quirky black comedy.

Driven by the countdown, Hamilton endures a crucible of discovery to reconnect with himself, open up to love again, and realize a greater purpose in a place outside of time.

Something extraordinary begins.
The end of the beginning.

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A Probability Singularity
A one-to-many instance of
probability energy interacting with
matter and force particles
at The Big Bang.