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UBERWOOT! A state of supreme, sustained joy despite all evidence to the contrary.

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What the publisher is saying about Uberwoot!

"Uberwoot!" cannot be wedged into any one genre box
and those who try will come away dazed and confused
but chuckling nonetheless.

Don't let the cartoon character on the front cover fool you —
the tale of Dr. Ian Dilligaf's progressive carnival ride
of a midlife crisis spins in directions that are both
thought-provoking and slapstick.
Behind it all are some deeply personal questions
about happiness and the ways we tell ourselves
true joy arrives inside our fuzzy skulls.

Dr. Dilligaf is convinced his golden years shine with fool's gold.
His need to find his life's great work intersects with
an outrageous series of events that has repercussions for all of us.
But then, it's often that way with do-gooders.
Then again, maybe he should have left well enough alone.

Alter-ego Fritzie is the wisecracking Jack Russell terrier
who provides a foil for Dilligaf's mishaps and misbehavior.
There to pick up the pieces is the lovely Misha Campeau
and scintillating Kanilla Fu, both wives of the good doctor.

Readers of this book should close their windows and open their minds.
The neighbors might not like the strange mixture
of laughter and irreverent shouts that result
from giving this book a thorough read.

Just remember:
Universal happiness is our right.
Dr. Ian Dilligaf might die trying to give it to us.
The idea that we're all going to be happy may be crazy,
but that doesn't make it wrong. Does it?

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No one expected
universal happiness to be
this politically incorrect.


"He that knows,
and knows not that he knows,
is asleep. Wake him."
— Arabic Proverb