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UBERWOOT! A state of supreme, sustained joy despite all evidence to the contrary.

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ISBN: 1442172975   EAN-13:
331 pages

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Dr. Ian Dilligaf goes to sea to scatter the ashes of a friend.
Also in attendance is Fritzie,
a Jack Russell terrier puppy willed to Ian.
As Ian soon finds out, their telepathic association becomes
either a scientific marvel or schizophrenic delusion.

Ian is morose and depressed about life.
He’s been a Professor of Progressive Thought,
a failed author of an esoteric book titled Blinker Fluid Futures,
a life coach, a public lecturer, and the reluctant writer
for the popular "Bubee and Goshe!" webcast cartoon.
Still, life hasn’t added up to much for Ian, or so he grouses to his wives,
the lovely Kanilla Fu and scintillating Misha Campeau.

He decides to solve his midlife crisis by scheduling an assisted suicide
at a state-run Personal Life Choice Parlor.
But nothing goes right.
He should have known even committing suicide would be a challenge.
A bizarre series of events challenges his notions of happiness
in ways he couldn’t imagine.

What Ian finds he didn’t expect; what he uncovers he wasn’t looking for.
It all forces him to connect to life in ways he never thought possible.
Or even desirable.
But who’s going to argue with something that works,
even if it might be crazy?

On the road to Uberwoot!,
Ian Dilligaf joins his wives, Kanilla Fu and Misha Campeau,
and a precocious pup named Fritzie,
for unexpected detours and enlightening derangements.
They are free-wheeling, but life as they know it
soon twists with a hairpin kink of fate for everyone.

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No one expected
universal happiness to be
this politically incorrect.


"He that knows not,
and knows he knows not,
is a pupil. Teach him."
— Arabic Proverb