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UBERWOOT! A state of supreme, sustained joy despite all evidence to the contrary.

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is a serious black comedy about
the pursuit of happiness,
progressive thought,
directed evolution of human nature,
and how to face a mid-life crisis with a telepathic dog.

Dr. Ian Dilligaf is coming to the conclusion
that true happiness and meaning in life
are elusive, if non-existent.
What's Uberwoot?
More importantly, can he find it?
Faced with unexpected detours and enlightening derangements,
Ian discovers he can connect to life in ways
he never thought possible, or even desirable.

Who's going to argue with something that works,
even if it might be crazy?

"Perversely, in this life,
happiness is not an option
but it appears to be a choice."
— Mr. Ah-Pei Bernays

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No one expected
universal happiness to be
this politically incorrect.


"He that knows not
that he knows not
is a fool. Shun him."
— Arabic Proverb