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About the Author

M. C. Miller arrived on the planet the year the first hydrogen bomb was tested. Since then, he's never quite acclimated to taking anything as it seems. Maybe the Strontium-90 had something to do with it. He has a passion for storytelling and moving people with words. As a teenager he wrote short stories and received encouragement from Ben Bova, then editor of Analog Magazine. His mentor was his beloved college professor, Milt Gelman, who enjoyed a long and distinguished career in television writing.

He lives in Cuenca, Ecuador with the love of his life, his inspiration, champion and chief critic, his wife Deborah Joy. His hobbies include kayaking, hiking, photography, sarcasm, analysis of current events, what-if games with the latest scientific advances, and cooking up "muy rico" dishes to enjoy and share after exploring the local mercado or newly-found tienda..

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